So, you want to be a YouTuber?

It’s hardly surprising. YouTube has given people the ability to share their hobbies and passions with the internet, and a good handful of them have become YouTube Stars who earn a lot of money. Here I write a little bit about how to record good videos and also about software you can use.


Some ways to get your views and chanel in the right direction


1.Let’s plays and reviews

This type of content pretty much does what it says the creator shows footage of him/her playing a game, all the while delivering thoughts and commentary on the experience.

“Let’s Plays” are normally reserved for single player experiences, and are great for viewers who want to make a purchase decision.


2. News and views

These are videos where creators report on the latest hypes in the video game industry and deliver their opinions on the state of play. The recent Loot Box controversy helped provide great fodder for these creators, and some YouTubers have seen great success with these types of videos.


3. Reaction videos

For my opinion one of the most tedious methods of creating video content. The creator plays a game – usually one which is either very scary or has a high level of difficulty, or both – and films their reactions while they do so. Or creators watch other videos and mimics the extra smart annoying busybody.

Obviously, the more the content creator overreacts to the game, the more entertaining the video is for some viewer, so you’ll often see over-the-top screaming, shouting and slapstick, such as falling out of a chair with supposed terror. Reaction videos can be quite cringeworthy, but they are popular.


4. Competitive gaming

Some people like games not to experience a story or to prove their ability against AI powered enemies, but to compete against other real players in hardcore tests of reactions and skill.

Multiplayer games such as Call of Duty or Fortnight allow people to create content of themselves taking part in team contests or deathmatches for the entertainment of their viewers.

Well, this category also includes players who play a game from start to finish the fastest, with or without the help of tricks or game errors. Here, too, different players try to get faster and always push the Nr. 1 off the throne.


5. Storytelling

Very popular with fans of games like Minecraft, DayZ or Roblox are videos in which the creator moves in a world designed by himself to tell a story. Or creators use modding tools to create their own stories or even movies. 

Since these videos are very creative and varied, their popularity is constantly increasing.


And now I finish the blog with a tutorial about how to record video games on PC (for YouTube) 

Whichever type of video game content you want to create, you’ll need a way to capture some footage of your game from your PC and turn it into an decent quality video to upload to YouTube etc.

Here are only some of the software you can use. Most of these programs cost some money but some are free or you can get a free demo version.

  • Ashampoo "Snap" - use it for screenshots or capture videos of your desktop. It is easy to use and has a lot of features.
  • Mirillis Action! It is also a easy-to-use video capture platform. You can record and stream your desktop or music and also screenshots in brilliant HD quality, complete with multiple features to include webcam footage and microphone commentary.
  • Filmora Scrn is a lightweight and resource-friendly tool filled with features, and is suitable for users of all levels. It has a nice intuitive design, can handle over 50 file formats, and export to MP4, MOV and GIF. 
  • EZVID, QuickTime (for Mac), Monosnap are some well known and free to use programs. Monosnap and EZVID are also very popular and dos have most of the features of the paid premium tools, give it a try.


Ok thats it for today - I hope it was not toooo boring.

Kind regards, Andreas ;)