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Today I am making an exception and breaking our own rule at Ne-Twin, namely not to talk about politics, as we are a social network for creative people, their hobbies and interests, what make politics and religious discussions rather distracting. The most creative thing about this important information is probably the header image that I created especially for the article. But now to my theory, yes, you could say a conspiracy theory "They want to kill us all".


They Want To Kill Us All

I am writing the thought and the article as briefly, comprehensibly, logically and easily understandable as I know that reading a lot annoys most people.

They, and by “they” I mean above all the wealthy West, led by the USA, that is, all nations for whom US hypercapitalism is their daily bread, and by “they” I mean quite specifically the so-called top 10,000 or the 1 percenter`s.

They've already tried it with corona and all the injections we were forced to get to decimate humanity. Now that half the world is already burning, war in Israel, Ukraine, possibly soon around China, etc., they're trying to start World War III and Putin is supposed to be the big bogeyman.

Putin and the President of Hungary, Victor Orban, only recently avoided World War III at the last minute; Orban's visit to Putin, which was not approved by the EU, served no other purpose (my opinion), and that explains why Putin is now ready to make peace and end the war. Not because Putin and Russia are weak - they would have easily won against Ukraine. The fact is that Putin's primary concern was to defend the Russian people in Ukraine - that was the main reason for the war. Now if the whole thing turns into a nuclear war - and that's what I mean when I say World War III - it will turn into a nuclear war in no time and we will all die, except for the top 10,000 who can hide in their bunkers and on private islands far away and are well prepared for such a drama.


The real reason why they want to get rid of us

As many already know and use every day, the topic of AI is becoming more and more important and is really picking up speed. And at an unimaginably fast pace. Yesterday you could have AI write blog posts or create images with it, today AI can program independently and develop tools and apps, and the day after tomorrow they will take over all office jobs, all jobs of programmers and designers, etc. This means that within a few years there will be millions more unemployed people, people who are simply no longer needed and will then simply cost the states or companies money. In the future, everyone will receive a minimum wage but will no longer go to work because there are no jobs anymore, all is done by KI`s the exception is probably still manual jobs hand crafts.

So most people will sit at home and receive a minimal wage from the state because AIs will take our jobs. So for the so-called top 10,000, we have lost our usefulness. We used to be workers, but soon we will just be people who cost money and otherwise have no value for these rich people. We are useless eaters. And that is the reason why these people, and we already know how unscrupulous they can be, will do everything they can to kill as many people as possible and nothing is better suited to this than a nuclear war!

Now you know the reason and I think once you have gotten over the initial shock and are past calling it a conspiracy theory, your own logic will tell you that what I am claiming or "assuming" here will or can definitely happen. It's like putting two and two together. In the future, most of us will be expensive, useless human waste that costs the rich people a lot of money and they have nothing to gain from feeding us. They get by well with their AI workers, AI assistants and, in 20 years, probably also with perfectly functioning robot workers.

Now seriously, and without the usual trolling and flaming from all the internet kids, what do you seriously think about this - is my idea so wrong, or do you think that people aren't so bad to do something like that? If you feel like it, please respond to this blog article, I'm looking forward to a lively and interesting discussion. Go for it, nobody has to hide here. As an admin, I make sure that insults and stupid comments are not accepted, anyone who behaves like an ass will simply be banned immediately.


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