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We are a social network for creative people, their hobbies & interests.

Please don't be shy, sign up and share some joy and fun with us. Find like-minded people, or as we say, new Net Twins. It is free and everyone with decency is absolutely welcome here! Not convinced yet? Then just read a little more about us.

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What You Can Expect From Us.

We're a small group of volunteers called "Net Twin's" who created a community dedicated solely to hobbies and interests. Our main focus is to provide an mostly ad-free environment as we find them very annoying. Additionally, we value privacy and have chosen to host our international community in Germany to ensure data protection. Here are some of our features:


The Basic Features.

Typical features of a social network such as - pages, feeds, groups, chat, followers, jobs, events, user blogs, profile pages, games etc. and more to come in the future.


The Advanced Features.

Advanced features like - linked or integrated tools, from PDF, avatar or video editors to game engine or IDE. There are also money-saving infos about full version premium software and more.

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Trusted by a growing number of creative people.

As a young and voluntary platform, we are very happy about every single person who joins us. So jump in and find your like-minded Net Twins. You are welcome!

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Share Your Creative Hobbies or Art

Our community grows with every new user. Become a part of our creative revolution. Show us your art or talk about your hobbies. Let's forget the madness of our world for a while. We look forward to seeing you. Sinup it`s free.