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Welcome to Net Twin, a community for creative people and their hobbies & interests. With us you will find features such as:

Groups or Pages, nice Profile Pages, Friend & Follow System, File Sharing, Image Uploads, Private Messaging & Chat, Mentions & Hashtags & Likes, a own API, etc. Coming soon: Game & Movie Section, a Marketplace and more etc.

What you won't find with us are tons of ads or features used by 80% that the typical user will hardly ever use and are often just confusing. Using a community should be fun and that is our main priority here at Net Twin. We look forward to you.

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Step One

Stage one is easy. Register now, it's quick and costs absolutely nothing. All you should bring with you is good mood and creativity.

Step Two

Please fill out all the infos in your user profile, including uploading your avatar & cover image - after all, we want to get to know you.

Step Three

Now you can start to write interesting content or to create your very own group etc. there are plenty of opportunities.

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Know More About Us?

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We Go...

Net Twin is not a big and wealthy company, but a small group of volunteers who enjoy discussing our hobbies and interests ourselves and wanted to provide a community that makes hobbies and interests the only topic of the website.

It was also very important to us that there is "almost no" advertising here, because ads are annoying. We also attach great importance to privacy, which is why we have hosted our international network in Germany, because privacy is taken very seriously here.


We have around visitors per day. Would be great if all SignUp - don`t be shy!


We paid already for the Community Project. For You it`ll be always free!

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What Our Visitors Say, About Us

Around 94% of our visitors rate our small social network with 5 stars. We are particularly proud of this, as we are not a multi-million dollar company, but just a small group of volunteer developers who created this project for you from scratch and paid for everything out of our own pockets.

“It's seldom the case that people take their own money to offer such a site to the internet community for absolutely nothing and almost no ads. Big praise for that!”

Isabella di Mora
Net Twin User

“I especially like that the community is so tidy. There are exactly the features you need - thats awesome.”

Markus Reiher
Net Twin User

“The Net Twin team has created a really nice community site here. I find the dark theme particularly appealing and improvements are always being made.”

Hanna Temperson
Net Twin User